My biggest dream in life is to have a cat, especially if it’s black because I had a black cat before (a long time ago) and also black cats are apparently the least adopted. Even though I can’t have a cat right now (even if it’s not black) I know that it will happen soon because life is too short to not have a cat for such a long time. I have created the following images using AI to help me wait but probably it won’t be that long.

Black Cat and Pigeon With Treasure and Magic Lamp

This is probably the most important image of my future black cat because it also has a pigeon and lots of treasure. I like the idea of having lots of treasure and also a magic lamp to wish for things. I would wish for more cats and pigeons.

Black Cat Helping Me Make Sick Tracks

This is me and my future black cat making sick tracks. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get headphones for my cat but if not I’ll just play the music out loud. I couldn’t make AI give my cat headphones so maybe that means she doesn’t want to wear them, which is fine. She will still sing in a lot of the tracks.

Black Cat at Dinner Time (Yum!)

This is my (black) cat at dinner time (in the future). We’re having a feast! Look how patient she is (I’m not certain if she’s a girl but I heard girl cats are more cuddly but actually the male cats I’ve had have been pretty cuddly too, especially my favourite who was a bit brain-damaged, haha).

Me and Black Cat in the Garden Looking at the Fire Pit

This is me and my black cat looking at the fire pit in the garden. One of my biggest dreams (other than having a [black] cat) is to have a garden with a fire pit. I didn’t really imagine it with all that lavender but I wouldn’t mind because lavender makes you calm and I like being calm. That’s why I’m thinking of buying those loop ear plugs that are more subtle because then I don’t have to hear car and truck noises which actually affect me quite a lot more than they seem to affect other people but I don’t want to walk around with normal ear plugs because that would look weird. I also hope I get that outfit and such nice hair (my hair isn’t that long yet but maybe by the time I have a black cat it will be that long).

Me and Black Cat Sitting by The Fireplace.

This is me and my black cat being cosy by the fireplace at a future time (not too far off). Apparently I like pink quite a lot in the future. I’m wearing purple right now so it’s not that different. People agree that purple is an old lady colour but pink isn’t.

Predicting the Future for My Future Black Cat

This is me and my future black cat predicting the future with tarot cards like you see on YouTube all the time but I don’t recommend you watch those videos too much actually. But maybe my cat wants to know if her crush likes her and I think that’s fine because if she got a boyfriend then I’d have two cats!

Black Cat and Fruit Bat

This was meant to be my future black cat cuddling a (future) fruit bat because I thought that would be so cute but it turned out a bit weird. I’m not in this one because I don’t want meningococcal.

Wow, I actually spelt that right!

Me and Black Cat Sitting by the Pond

This is me and my future black cat sitting by the pond looking at fish. I bet my cat would love to eat those fish, haha! She is quite fat in that picture so maybe she’s been fishing while I’m not looking. I hope that pond is in my garden but I’m not certain because usually I’m fairly poor but maybe not in the future because of the treasure + lamp.

Black Cat and Pigeon Looking at Treasure and Magic Lamp

This is another one of my future black cat and a pigeon looking at all the treasure and the magic lamp because I just think that’s important. I think my cat will wish for a fish and the pigeon will wish for some tasty crumbs, haha!

Me and Black Cat in Amethyst Cave (Inside My Mind)

This is me and my future black cat coming out of my meditation cave near the beach. The cave isn’t real but maybe in the future it will be. I would love to go there for real. It looks better in my head but it’s still cool that I can just make a purple cave picture without doing anything except saying I want a purple cave picture.

I might as well have that magic lamp!!

Anyone can meditate in my purple cave but I’m not sure if people can find me there or not because it’s kind of just for me but I do sometimes see other people there.

Me and Black Cat Hugging Surrounded By Pigeons and Flowers

This is what I try to imagine when I go to sleep and I hope it will happen in the future. Me and my future black cat are hugging while surrounded by flowers and flying pigeons!

Thank you for looking at these images of my near future. I hope you like my black cat and my hair.