Free Sparkles

This is a page where I share FREE sparkles from my life (or maybe sometimes sparkles from the lives of other people in my life), but you don't actually have to come here to get free sparkles. You can actually see free sparkles from your own life all over the place throughout the day and even the night. That's the great thing about sparkles—they shine even brighter in the dark :')

I highly recommend noticing and also FEELING (internally) as many free sparkles as you can.

Sparkles Added 08/08/23

These sparkles are inside a spoon, along with my reflection.

These sparkles were on a black cat that was in the op shop for $2 but when I went back a couple of days later to get it, somebody had already bought it.

These sparkles were in some palm trees.

Sparkles Added 23/06/23

These sparkles are in nature and make me calm (not my pic!).

These sparkles are on a red car in the afternoon (not my pic!).

These sparkles are in a faraway sky (not my pic!).

These sparkles were on my black velvet pants that I got at the op shop.

Sparkles Added 21/06/23 (but some are from earlier)

Sparkle captured tonight in favourite cat mug (rooibos)!

These sparkles were on my old b-dance costume in the morning.

These sparkles were in the park this afternoon.

These sparkles were in the same park at night and we didn't even get stabbed.

These sparkles are on and around a possum that got into mum's place, haha. He seems to appreciate them too!

These sparkles have bonus fog at night.