Sometimes all you have to do to achieve peace and happiness in your life is to find the perfect picture of a fat possum. I have been looking at this picture of a fat possum for several months and I would recommend it to anybody. In this post I will attempt to describe the possum picture, provide a breakdown of the picture and explain why it is amazing, and offer suggestions on how to best utilise the possum picture. This is not only a self-help post but also a semi-academic article and you can reference this at any time.

Describing the Fat Possum Picture

The fat possum picture is one of the best pictures on the net. It’s not only a good picture but a perfect picture in every way. A basic description would be that the picture is of a fat brushtail possum in a tree, but there is so much more to this picture.

Breakdown of Fat Possum Picture and Why It’s Amazing

First of all, this possum is not just fat but actually very fat and cuddly-looking. He looks fat and tasty but I wouldn’t eat him (probably). However, it is important to note that while this possum is fat, his fluffy, glossy fur makes him look even more fat than he really is. Due to the flash used to take the picture, his fur also appears extra shiny, which only adds to the overall charm of this fat possum.

This invasive use of flash on Mr Possum has also created a captivating shine in his big eyes, which stare directly into the camera. I have never seen such shiny possum eyes in my life. These eyes are like two magic marbles casting spells on me, but I don’t mind one bit.

The fat possum clings to a branch using his tail and claws. The contrast between these sharp, unforgiving claws and the fat possum’s soft, fluffy tail is one of the best things ever. The viewer wants to hug the possum right up, but also maintains an awareness that the fat possum could rip them to shreds without remorse, haha!

The branch itself—together with those in the background—is grey, much like the fat possum’s fur. This creates a pleasing continuity in the image and reminds us that maybe possums are that colour because they don’t want to be seen by predators. But we can see you, Mr Possum!

Finally, other elements such as the fat possum’s cute pink nose, black whiskers, and oyster-shaped ears also contribute to this picture being one of the best on the internet. Indeed, it is only the combination of all these things that can create such a masterpiece that is impossible to tire of even if you were to look at it every day for months on end.

How to Use the Possum Picture

This fat possum picture can be used in a variety of ways to help benefit yourself. I will outline just some of the ways below.

Look at the picture

The most obvious and easiest option is to simply search for the picture in and look at it as and when needed. Possible search terms include:

  • fat brushtail possum
  • brushtail possum fat
  • fat possum Australia

There may be even more ways to search for the fat possum picture! But it is possible to take it further than just looking.

Set the FAT Possum Picture as Your Desktop Background

The possum picture can be set as your desktop background so that every time you close a window on your computer screen, you feel so happy and forget what you were worrying about.

You can set it as the background just the way it is, but I recommend tiling the picture for the best effects. I really couldn’t believe how much happier I felt after seeing that fat possum tiled!

Even better: if you have a second screen, you can work on everything you need in one screen and keep the second one completely free—that way you can always see your fat possum anytime you need!

Draw/Paint the Fat Possum Picture

Drawing and painting a subject means you get to look at/think about it for a long time and nobody can call you a weirdo. Nothing is better to think about than the fat possum, which means it’s a great option for a drawing or painting project. I haven’t had time to try this one yet but I know it would be one of the best things to do and probably fix all my problems. You can do it with a pencil or a pen or with a paintbrush or even on the computer! Then put your creation on the net and send it to me. I need all the fat possums I can get!

Every Time You Have a Bad Thought, Think About the Fat Possum Picture

If you suffer from BTS (Bad Thoughts Syndrome), the easiest way to not stab yourself in the hand as punishment is to replace every bad thought with the fat possum picture in your mind. Here are just some of the thoughts that can be replaced:

I am a trash
I did a bad thing
meanie crows
baguette bullies
tragic thing
stab yourself in the hand NOW

Concluding Thoughts

The possum picture is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best pictures on the web! All of its elements combine to make a perfect picture and you can use it any time you think you might be going a bit weird or even if you just feel a bit stressed because you had to ring Optus. Also, I was so excited about the fat possum picture that I made this sick track: