Today was the best day I’ve had in months because I saw an Italian Greyhound in the street when I wasn’t even expecting it! Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a total nutjob for Italian Greyhounds. They are the best kind of dog there is and that’s why I was very excited to see one today (when I wasn’t even expecting it). What a treat!

I was waiting for a tram when I heard a woman laugh nearby. I wish I had looked earlier, but it was only once they were halfway across the pedestrian crossing that I spotted a beautiful Italian Greyhound trotting ahead of a young couple. Unfortunately my phone was fresh out of charge—I’m still kicking myself over that now—so I wasn’t able to snap a picture, but I’ll do my best to recreate the experience through description, poetry, and drawings.

Italian G-hound Description

The lovely Italian G-hound had a dark grey coat and seemed smaller than average in size, which suggests that it was either a young pup or a maybe female Italian G. I’m going to say female because I sensed a sisterly connection between us. It was a bit hard to tell from such a distance, but I think she also had friendly grey eyes. If I had to describe her expression, I would say she looked pleased.

Like all Italian Gs, this pup had a deep chest and skinny little legs that looked ready to snap like twigs at any moment. I was relieved to see a bright red woollen jumper protecting her from the crisp morning breeze, even if it did clash horribly with her blue collar and leash. Who puts two primary colours together like that? I would have gone for something like pink and red or maybe blue and purple. But I can’t really blame the beautiful little Italian G for decisions made by her owners.

Italian Greyhound
The best kind of dog there is
Saw you cross the road

Owner Description

The lucky owners of this wonderful Italian G were a young couple no older than thirty. The man had curly brown hair, a blue jacket, and held the leash with an air of authority. I suspect he had Greek or Italian roots (hopefully Italian, because then he would match the Italian G!) The woman wore her pretty blonde hair in a bun. She was so pretty. She had a long cream-coloured coat and stylish brown boots. They seemed happy to be out walking their precious little G-hound, which in turn made me happy. I tried to imagine the conversation they might be having about their Italian G-hound. It went something like this:

Man: Isn’t it great to be out on this crisp winter morning walking our beautiful Italian G?

Woman: Yes. I love being out with you and our lovely ‘Talian G-Hound.

Man: Let’s get a warm coffee and sit in an outdoor cafe and pat our amazing Italian G and also let strangers come and pat our lovely G-hound and maybe even make a lifelong friend who we invite over to dinner every weekend.

Woman: Yes, that sounds exactly like what I want to do.

As I watched the couple cross the road with their fabulous Italian G, I found myself wishing I was one of them. The man, the woman—it didn’t matter. As long as I got to share that Italian G with a person I love. Instead I was spending my life waiting for a tram to take me to the horrible dentist, where I would squander my entire savings on a root canal procedure that I should have had about eight years ago. Sometimes life is so hard and I hate myself but then I try to remember that anything is possible and sometimes you can make things happen if you work towards them and you can have an Italian G. But right now I can’t have a dog in my apartment so it’s pointless.

Handsome young couple
Beautiful Italian G
Perfect happy life

Location Description

As I said, this whole thing took place while waiting for a tram. But more specifically, I was waiting for the number 55 tram at Domain Interchange in Melbourne Australia and this couple came out of the park near the Shrine of Remembrance and crossed the road and then walked down St Kilda Road towards the city. I watched them as long as I could but eventually the Italian G became too small to see so I gave up. But the fond memory still lingered in my mind and made waiting for the tram less boring.

There was an Italian G
That I was delighted to see
She crossed the street
It was a real treat
I'm pretty sure she didn't see me

Summarising Thoughts

This is probably one of the best dogspotting experiences I’ve had and I’m proud to recreate it for other lovers of Italian G-Hounds who might not be as lucky as me. I’m thinking of returning to the specified location around the same time each day to see if I can snap a pic of this gorgeous Italian G. I’m still so upset that my phone was out of charge and I feel like I really failed myself and all Italian G-lovers in that regard. But I can’t change it now and hopefully the poetry and drawings help make up for it.

Anyway, please leave a comment about an Italian G you saw or post a picture or send pictures on Twitter or Instagram. I want to see and hear about as many Italian Gs as possible!