Today I live in fear as the beast watches me from the ceiling, just a metre or two behind my computer chair. It’s probably good exercise for me to keep turning my head to confirm his whereabouts, but I still think he’s being inappropriate.

We’re both enjoying the storm though.

The door is open in case he decides he’s had enough of tormenting me, and that also means I can hear the rain more and also see nice trees.

I couldn’t help noticing a magical fairy portal, which I can’t technically walk through but I can probably walk through it MENTALLY, and maybe you can even walk through it mentally. We can all mentally walk through magical portals at any time, but what I would really like is for the beast to walk out my front door.

I love storms but it’s a bit annoying because I bought roller skates and I have to pick them up from somewhere but now I can’t pick them up (unless I want to get stormed on). But I think it’s still better to have a storm than not have one.

Please send intentions for the beast to go outside.